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Know the Islam (The Project)

Launched six years ago, Know the Islam project distributes free Islamic books to followers and non-followers at various venues and events in the national territory. Its first action took place at Sao Paulo International Book Biennial, and today, the project reaches the mark of 4.5 million copies delivered.

The project was conceived after researches at book fairs and places of great circulation, in which it was found that most Brazilians do not know the Islamic religion or have a distorted view about it. The aim is to bring Islamic culture and wisdom to all the people of the country, ensuring that they gain knowledge about religion.


In partnership with entities from Islamic countries, free books are distributed in public squares all over Brazil, at Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro Biennials, and lectures are also held at colleges and universities. In order to show the true image of Islam. In addition, Know the Islam project also sends its books to mosques and Islamic Centers around the country, so that they can perform the Daawa, work for religion dissemination that it is one of the obligations of the muslims. It is also possible to request free books through the website of FAMBRAS.


Também faz parte do projeto a newsletter “Luz do Islam”, na qual por meio de um cadastro, são enviadas mensagens por e-mail semanalmente contendo versículos do Alcorão, súplicas ou ensinamentos dos profetas.


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The success of Know the Islam project led FAMBRAS to participate in one of the most important cultural events in Brazil and in the world, the International Book Biennial. There were 5 editions at the event, in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.


The Federation invested in setting up a large, stylised and interactive stand where visitors learned more about Islam and received free Islamic information and books.