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Hajj / Umrah

One of the pillars of Islam is, at least once in life, the pilgrimage to the sacred cities of Mecca and Medina. The greatest difficulty for many Muslims is to bear the cost of travel, as they are often unable to do it.

With this in mind, FAMBRAS developed a scholarship and follow-up program for the trip to Hajj in 2011, in partnership with The Zayed Charitable Foundation, Islamic Affairs & Charitable Activities Department, Dubai Charity Association and Dar Al Ber Society, all of them are from United Arab Emirates.


Near the date of the Hajj, the interested ones can make their inscription through the site, and the justifications presented to carry out the pilgrimage, undergo an analysis and later approval. The Federation also assists with documentation and visas, and accompanies the believers throughout the journey, with explanations and guidance from a Sheikh and the staff.


Before the trip, the travelers receive an explanatory kit about the Hajj. Upon departure, members of FAMBRAS have a prayer at the airport. In return, travelers are greeted by the same staff and make the prayers.


The Umrah, or 'small pilgrimage', as it is also called, can be considered an abbreviated course of the Hajj, lasting only one week. Although it does not compose the pillars of Islam and does not have obligation, it is highly commended for being a tool for the Muslim to understand how the pilgrimage works, and also for him to strengthen his faith.

FAMBRAS has also developed a program aimed at those who want to realize the Umrah and do not have the financial conditions - this one, specifically, destined for Brazilian converts. The registration process is the same for the Hajj.