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Rua Tejupá, 188 - Jabaquara - SP - Brasil

Em Nome de Deus, O Misericordioso, O Misericordiador

Our History

The Federation of Muslim Associations of Brazil, FAMBRAS, was founded in 1979 by visionary Hajj Hussein Mohamed El Zoghbi. At the time, the most important leaders of Muslim associations in the country gathered in Brasilia and expressed full support for the establishment of an entity to commit with the strengthening and unification of its institutions. In addition to the Welcome to the brethren in need, the main concern of the Federation was to help keeping alive the practices of Islam.


Since then, FAMBRAS acts in religious, social, economic, and diplomatic areas. Within these spheres, it develops projects that comtemplam the Islam dissemination and educational actions and assistance-both for the benefit of the Muslim and the Brazilian communities.

In addition, the entity was the pioneer in deploying the concept and the Halal system in the country. In 1979, after a visit of the Egyptian Awkaf Ministry, and the Muslim League, based in Mecca, FAMBRAS started to structure this market in the country. Today, the world knows that Brazil is the largest exporter of chicken and bovine Halal meat in the world. Thanks to the Hajj Hussein it was possible to realize the first Halal export to Arab countries.


The organization is philanthropic and has solid partnerships with international Islamic entities that assist directly and indirectly FAMBRAS projects: scholarships for Hajj, printing of books distributed in Daawas and donation of food for the mosques Iftar, among others. It was also through these partnerships that, throughout its history, FAMBRAS has intermediated the construction of 37 mosques in Brazil.

Today, the Federation of Muslim Associations of Brazil is configured as the most important reference on Islam in the country and one of the leading certification and diffusion models of the Halal concept in the world.


In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful