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Phone: 55 (11) 5035-0820

Rua Tejupá, 188 - Jabaquara - SP - Brasil

Em Nome de Deus, O Misericordioso, O Misericordiador

Islam Solidary

FAMBRAS plays a very important social role in Brazil. Through the Islam Solidary project, the organization assists not only Muslims, but people of all religions living below the poverty line.


On weekends filled with activities, thousands of people are assisted by the project, which assembles a large structure on the streets, with tents for health care, social assistance, beauty and culture.


Health services are among the most sought after. In total, the project has conducted more than 5,250 medical examinations and laboratory (mammography, vision test, blood tests, blood pressure measurement), consultations for nutritional counseling and dental care. The partnership for the accomplishment of a good part of these attendances is carried out with the Colégio 24 de Março, that maintains courses in the health area.