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FAMBRAS creates Comics with a message against Islamophobia

Aimed at children and pre-teenagers, the “Khalil” comic shows, in a

good-natured, that everyone is equal, regardless of the religion they profess

Khalil is a Brazilian pre-teen who loves to play football and have fun with friends in the neighborhood. A descendant of Arabs, the boy is a Muslim, and follows what his religion professes with great joy. However, not all friends understand what Islam is. Others, not so friendly, do not miss the opportunity to offend him in times of conflict, using Islamophobic terms, which upset Khalil so much. An unexpected event, however, will show the class that religious prejudice is a big trap.


The idea of ​​talking about Islamophobia for children and pre-teens was born in FAMBRAS, the Federation of Muslim Associations of Brazil, which had the talent of screenwriter Rogério Mascarenhas and Moroccan illustrator based in Brazil, Malika Dahil, to transform it into a comic book .


"The path we have taken to combat stereotypes, prejudice and misinformation about Islam is to disseminate quality information," explains Ali Zoghbi, the organization's vice president. "And nothing better than using the language of the comic - so popular and fun - to approach the subject with children and pre-teens".

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