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What is Islam?

By definition, the Arabic word Islam means 'surrender' or 'submission' (to God), it is derived from the word 'peace' (salam). The followers of Islam, are called Muslims, they believe that this is the divinely revealed religion by God.


The history of Islamic civilization begins in the 7th century, extending to the present day. Covers a vast area, spread over several continents; from Spain to Indonesia, from North Africa to Chile. Today, there are more than 1 billion and 500 million of Muslims in the world, which is approximately 1/5 of the world's population.  Thus we see, Islam as a global faith, not limited to the East or West, or to a particular nation, color, ethnicity or tribe.


Allah is the Arabic word that means God, Used by Arabs, both Muslims and Christians. Islam has existed since the creation of the world, but its reference to its foundation (year zero) is the year 622 A.D, with the escape of the prophet Muhammad (s.a.a.w.) from Mecca to Medina.


Islam is one of three religions anchored in the sacred books, Judaism with the Torah; Christianity with the Gospel; Islam with the Koran (Al Qur'an) the basis of all its constitution, beyond the Sunna of the Hadiths. Last of the monotheistic religions, Islam closes the circle of proclamation of prophets and suggests to its faithful the respect and peaceful coexistence with the religions of the sacred books.



A complete way of life:


Islam is considered more than a religion, it is a total system of life. Since the purification of the soul, the spirituality of personal worship; The establishment of a government and the implementation of a state policy, Islam provides all levels of guidance to his followers.


Due to its global nature, no wonder that Islam has become the fastest growing religion in the world. In accordance with the principles of Islam, Muslims are directed to work for the establishment of a fair social order reflecting fully the guidance of God.


Muslims are not allowed to worship or rendering cult to someone or anything else, besides God, Almighty, in terms of beliefs, words and deeds. By accepting and submitting fully to the teachings and guidance of God, Muslims should live in peace and harmony with each other, with others and with the environment.


Life is considered as a temporary stage, all Muslims, throughout their life, aim to live according to the commandments of God, with the hope, in the next life, to achieve Paradise.