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Pillars of Faith

The basis of any religion is the faith (honest) in Islam, which is composed of six categories:


1) The faith in God

Believe that there is no other divinity then God. He did not generate nor was generated and nothing is comparable to him. None of what is imaginable (for man) composes his personality and to him belong the most beautiful names and qualities.


2) The faith in Angels

Angels are creatures made from light. They do not disobey God's commands and no human has been given the ability to see them or to imagine their true form. The highest among them is the angel Gibril (Gabriel or Holy Spirit), the angel Mikail (Michael), the angel Israil and the angel Israfel.


3) The faith in the holy books

There were other scriptures that God sent to the previous peoples, containing the same Message, the bondage to the One God. Nominally, the Quran highlights only five, the brochures of Abraham, the Zabur (Psalms), sent to David, The Tauraat (Torah) sent to Moses, the Injil (Gospel) sent to Jesus and the Quran (Qur'an) sent to Muhammad. May the peace of God be upon all of them!


4) The faith in the prophets and messengers of God

From Adam to Muhammad (s.a.a.w.), thousands of prophets and messengers were sent on the earth, each one to his people, being of the same ethnicity, same language and custom. Islam lists five of them, as the highest: Muhammad, Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus.


5) The in faith predestination

The faith in predestination it divides into two fields:

- The obligatory destination

Everything that happens without the voluntary intervention of the man, example the gender, the clan where he was born, the color, height, etc. All that man does not intervene, is destiny of God, and will not stand trial for that.

- The free destiny (free will)

Everything that is planned by man it is his own destiny. God allows it to happen or prevent (when he wants to), but man will stand trial for that. It is on this basis that there will be the Resurrection, for every human being to report how he used the grace of his intelligence.


6) The faith in life after Death:

God holds the absolute knowledge, knows what exists and what does not exist, and if it existe how it would be. By placing intelligence in man, God gave him the power to choose the right and the wrong, Hence, the muslims know that they are responsible for their choices.


Those who have used their intelligence in obedience will merit gratification in a paradise equivalent to their performance. And whosoever is a criminal shall be penalized according to his faults. If the crime is against God, He can forgive or condemn, but if the crime is against another creature, then God will charge him to the injured, even if the offense is in the size of an atom, God will present the appropriate measure. Nothing escapes from God.